census completed in Aug. 1951
Handdrawn map Northern Plainedge  1933
Correspondence from Alonzo Gibbs
"List of Bidders For Plainedge School"
History of our School
Letter from A.Gibbs correcting info on "Hand drawn Map of Plainedge"
Gibbs - Yesterdays School Meetings_
18 signatures requesting copy of "Plainedge, an Account of its History
St Gregorys_
Life at Alberts Inn in Plainedge_r
Nobel Prize and Inventions LI_
Plainedge -- Past, Present and Future
All Homeowners in School District 18," Oct. 1951
Letter from Geoffrey Gibbs, a graduate of Plainedge schools
Letter referring to Nassau County Telephone Directory 1975
letter referring to 100th Anniversary
letter 6-30-75 from Alonzo Gibbs to Mr Joseph Eisner
Tax receipt dated February 11, 1889

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