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Plainedge Public Library Digital Logo Design Contest

We are now collecting email submissions from the community for our new logo! It's that exciting time again where we need a new logo to represent the Plainedge Public Library. We would like the public's independent minds to design something fun and exciting that can entice the world into the atmosphere of libraries. Winner(s) might get the chance to display their logo on the Library website as well as assorted publications including newsletters, fliers, cards, bookmarks etc.


Submit your final design or questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make sure you enter your category level in the subject of the email. Eligibility categories are listed below.

The Theme:

Library Resources.

The Details:

The logo should encompass anything in the public library world that you'd see as fun and exciting to our community. The theme is to entice as many visitors as you can into the wonders of shared library resources. It would be great to see all the types of graphics you can combine into your logo. Don't forget to add our name "Plainedge Public Library" to your graphics design which must be clear and readable in a small square when it has to be shrunk to small labels. Keep in mind that we have plans to add our address and contact information with the winning logo(s) so we will leave it up to you as far as layout orientation (square, portrait or landscape). We are currently favoring a landscape orientation to easily add our adddress and/or contact information below the logo.

The Technical Details:

The logo needs to be in a vector format preferably SVG so that it can be resized upward without distortion. For those of you newbies who would like to get in on the action, there is an excellent free Vector Graphics Software called Inkscape which is available for Windows, MAC OS-X and Linux which is available here. A more advanced option would be another open source (free tool) favorite for 3d artists is called Blender which can be converted to a 2 dimensional vector (SVG) with the help of this blog. The Blender option involves a bit more work to output the final 3d image into the 2d SVG vector graphics format. More extra work is involved using Blender since it doesn't bring over color or fill information into the 2d SVG format. You will still have to use an SVG art program to fill in the curves with your color preferences after you convert the image to 2d if you decided on using Blender.

Important: The final product can NOT include any limitations due to commercial work done on the image nor should it have any copyrights on the whole or any part of the final design. This will allow us to freely market and distribute our library materials which will include the artwork when we add it to our own media locations.


There are mainly two types of images called Raster & Vector. Raster images generally use many dots that form an image. Standard formats like jpg, png, gif are called raster image formats that can only be resized downward (smaller) without distortion. Vector images use formulas that calculate their shapes and no matter the size it creates a sharp image.


Sunday, April 1st 2018

Eligibility: Winners In Each Category

This contest is open to kids and pro's alike

(Artwork will be used at our discretion)

  • -Contest #1: Pro Level (After Highschool)

  • -Contest #2: Upper Level Students (Grades 9-12)

  • -Contest #3: Middle Level Students (Grades 5-8)

  • -Contest #4: Lower Level Students (Grades K-4)


  • -Vector File Format (Not PDF)

  • -Must include our name in image "Plainedge Public Library"

  • -Cannot include any commercial distribution restrictions.

  • -Filesize less than 20Meg

  • -Label the subject of your email with your Contest # group level (Age) (Pro, Upper, Middle, or Low)

  • -Test out your logo printed small. Is it clear and readable?

Plainedge Public Library reserves the right to not select a winner in any and all categories if a suitable submission is not received.
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