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The Chic-Hatching Live Cameras:

We apologize that due to the heavy bandwidth needed to stream a live camera, some or all of the options may not be available. You may see a message that "Page cannot be displayed". We will be working on ways to get this stream to you in a more reliable manner.

Option 1) Youtube

Option 2) A mini local server

Option 3) A security cam (Important: This option requires either of the following)
                a) Requires Internet Explorer and Installation of a Plugin
                    i) User: guest
                    ii)  Password: guest
                b) Requires you to download an app called SuperLivePro with the following params
                    i)   Net Type: Optional 2G or 3G
                    ii)  Device:
                    iii) User: guest
                    iv)  Password: guest
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