The current schedule for the Library is:

  • Memorial Day
    (Monday 5/27/19) - The Library will closed all day

Stay tuned for any other changes or updates.

Late Opening: Wednesday, June 12 @ 10am:

  • Plainedge Public Library will open late on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 due to staff training.

Plainedge Library Budget Vote Results:

  • Yes: 909 (Passed)
  • No : 263               

Thank you, Plainedge, for passing the Library budget!
Congratulations, Michael Giris, on another term on the Board, with 859 votes!

50th Anniversary Memories

  • 20th anniversary, 10-22-83, Eisner, Venditto, Ocher, Levy, Colby, Lent, Healey.jpg
  • 1058 Hicksville Rd.jpg
  • Arthur Reed, 10 Seneca Drive, Massapequa, Mary Briskey, 431 Queens Ave, N Massapequa, with Nancy Buckley, Children's Librarian.jpg
  • Board and Director Groundbreaking.jpg
  • Buddy Harrelson, baseball player.jpg
  • Buddy Harrelson visit.jpg
  • Building, after Jerome Brown.jpg
  • Building.jpg
  • Building Interior.jpg
  • Children's Room (2).jpg
  • Children's Room.jpg
  • Christopher Geckore.jpg
  • Cooking Class 10-1973.jpg
  • Councilman, Joseph Saladino, May 1971.jpg
  • Dorothy Klotz, 3rd from Right.jpg
  • Esther Fleischer, Supervisor, lower right hand corner.jpg
  • Family Watching Interior Being Built.jpg
  • Flagpole.jpg
  • Foundation.jpg
  • Going Up.jpg
  • Going Up 2.jpg
  • Grand Opening Reception, 1968.jpg
  • Groundbreaking (2).jpg
  • Groundbreaking, Board and Director.jpg
  • Groundbreaking.jpg
  • Interior being built.jpg
  • Jerry Meehan, 530 Arlington Drive, Donna Danielo, 524 Arlington Dr..jpg
  • Joan Schine, Children's Librarian.jpg
  • Joe Eisner, Elliot Gould, Proclamation.jpg
  • Joe Eisner, Ruth Frankel, Colby, Proclamation (2).jpg
  • Joe Eisner, Ruth Frankel, Colby, Proclamation.jpg
  • Joseph Eisner, 05-1974.jpg
  • Josephine O'Connor and Alfred Freund.jpg
  • Lillian Goldner.jpg
  • Marie Barber, Trustee.jpg
  • Mary Lloyd, 7 Rosemary Drive, N Massapequa, Mark Gore, 9 Beryl Lane, S Farmingdale, Miss Alice Gray, Dept of Entemology, American Museum of Natural History, 9-19-1970.jpg
  • Meeting Room 10-1975.jpg
  • Mezzanine.jpg
  • Michael S. Gibbins, 1310 Shaw Rd., Seaford.jpg
  • Michael Scutellaro, age 8, 347 Kentucky Ave., N Mass.jpg
  • Mrs. Barbara Rosenkrantz, 4266 Clarissa Rd. Bethpage.jpg
  • New Building.jpg
  • Paulis and David Biondi and nancy Frohlinger.jpg
  • Peter Spier, author and illustrator with Roger Silberblatt, 6 of Massapequa and Lisa Essman, 10 of Massapequa.jpg
  • quote on the back 'offering a greater variety of information in different formats'.jpg
  • Reception 1968.jpg
  • Richard Lehrman, 29 Elizabeth Drive, Bethpage.jpg
  • Senior Citizens Plaque to Joe Eisner on 20th Anniversary, 10-22-83.jpg
  • Sheryl Eisner, 11, Massapequa, Paul Obarowski, 8, of Massapequa, Nieves lago, 8 of Massapequa, with Peter Spier, author and illustrator.jpg
  • Susan Messer, NCLA National Library Chairman storytelling in the 'magic bubble' 4-17-1977.jpg
  • Top, Board and Dir., Lower, Adele Farell, first Secretary to Director.jpg
  • Top photo is 1058 Hicksville Road.jpg