Museum Passes

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Reserve a pass for the date you will pick it up at the library

Please contact the museum or visit their associated websites for COVID-19 policies they might have active

1. The dates below don't confirm the museum is open. It is the responsibility of the user to telephone or check the website of the museum you'd like to in advance* for information on dates/hours of operation, parking and/or directions, including any other policy in place by the museum.

2. Passes may be borrowed for 3 days, including date of pick up and date of return. They must be returned to the Library no later than one hour before closing on the due date. Passes may not be returned in the book drop.

3. Available to Plainedge School District residents who hold a Plainedge Public Library card in good standing (not expired and without fines).

4. Museum Passes may be reserved 30 days in advance.

5. You must be an adult (18 years or older) in order to reserve and checkout museum passes

6. A maximum of 1 pass per family may be borrowed at one time, and each individual Museum pass may be borrowed only once every 30 days.

7. To ensure that a Museum Pass can be given to the next patron, there is a $10.00 late fee per day.

8. In the event that non-return of a Museum Pass necessitates the Library to pay the entrance fee for the next user that entry fee to that Museum will be attached to the borrower’s record.

9. Any user who loses a Museum Pass will be charged the replacement cost of that Museum Pass. (See Reference for cost).

10. The Library Staff reserves the right to monitor usage to ensure fair access for the greatest number of patrons.

11. Due to the nature of the many schedules and holiday hours of the museums we participate with, it is difficult to keep the museum schedules up to date.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The date you reserve below will only confirm the Library is open to pickup the ticket but it does not mean the museum is open. We ask the patron to always call and confirm the Museum is OPEN and MIGHT REQUIRE RESERVATIONS BY THE MUSEUM on the proposed reservation date(s).

REMEMBER: Dates listed below aren't museum open dates but instead dates our library is open to pickup a pass at the library before you head out for the museum

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